Happy Earth Day!

Posted on 22 April 2017

Did you know the fashion and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world, next to the oil industry? Learn about how Bre Avery combats this, below!




Bre Avery was built on the value of providing covetable accessories and home decor, without negatively impacting the environment. There are two major things we do to ensure we are contributing to being sustainable and ethical, instead of adding to the problem. 

Our brand harnesses digital printing to ensure every piece in the line is created with virtually no waste of ink, materials, water, or electricity. All products are handmade in America using the finest textiles and an eco-friendly process. 

You may have noticed nearly all our products are made to order, which means they are custom made just for you. Why is this special? It is ethical and sustainable, as it eliminates waste, since nothing is made unnecessarily. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 15.1 million tons of textile waste was created in 2013 alone. 





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