Posted on 19 January 2019

 We all seek a space that is calm, peaceful, comfortable; somewhere that makes you feel brighter and lighter. Whether you're at home or at work, I think consciously creating a happier space goes a long way! 


Fresh Blooms 

I'll admit, I struggle to keep house plants alive and well, so fresh cut flowers are my go to! I always keep bouquets of fresh flowers in my kitchen, bedroom, and on my desk at work. They add a great pop of color to your life and there are even studies out there that suggest flowers increase your happiness! 


Music & Sound

When I'm feeling down or not quite myself, I turn to my favorite playlist to get my out of my rut. In general though, I always keep a podcast or movie on because I thrive on background noise and sound. In fact, the way I design the best is immersed in background noise. I don't find it distracting at all; only more centering! 


Aroma Therapy

Aroma is everything. The amount of candles I own is obscene, but let me tell you I use them all! Scents certainly have a powerful effect on your mood, and picking a candle or oil diffuser with a scent that makes you happy can really help you feel brighter and more relaxed.  



Cut Down On Clutter

Clutter free is the way to be! It sounds so cliche, but it really works for me. Every time my desk gets piled up with stuff it makes me more anxious, and having proper places to put things away in keeps the anxiety away for sure. 

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